FNSA Powwow & Indigenous Cultures Festival
A photo of the powwow featuring a women's fancy style dancer.

KU FNSA Powwow & Indigenous Cultures Festival

Prior to the inception of the KU FNSA Powwow & Indigenous Cultures Festival in 2017, KU First Nations Student Association (FNSA, previously Native American Student Association or NASA), hosted the KU FNSA Powwow annually for over 30 years.

In 2017, the Lied Center began its partnership with FNSA to help support the KU FNSA Powwow. The president of FNSA came to the Lied Center and asked if the Lied Center would be willing to host the powwow, given concerns of location and support, and the Lied Center was all for it!

Also, at that time, the Lied Center was working with the director (KU alumna) of the Haskell Indian Nations University Cultural Center and Museum on another project and they naturally began to discuss the KU FNSA Powwow and how it might be expanded to educate the community about the uniqueness and diversity of Native American peoples in the United States, and hopefully beyond.

This is how the KU FNSA Powwow & Indigenous Cultures Festival was born and our committee has since created many educational activities for kids and adults in addition to the KU FNSA Powwow.

FNSA appreciates the support from the many people on the committee and the organizations who continue to back us.

Committee Members:

  • Melissa Peterson – Associate Director, KU TRIO STEM; Advisor to First Nations Student Association; President of the Native Faculty & Staff Council
  • Myltin Bighorn – KU Undergraduate Student (FNSA Co-chair)
  • Tweesna Mills – KU Graduate Student (FNSA Co-Chair/GUI)
  • Jancita Warrington – Indigenous Consultant
  • Anthea Scouffas – Engagement Director, Lied Center of Kansas
  • Derek Kwan – Executive Director, Lied Center of Kansas
  • Lois Orth Lopes – Lied Center board member
  • Leandra Galindo – Recreation Assistant, Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Brandy Ernzen – Program Coordinator, Indigenous Studies & Museum Studies
  • Casey Mesick Braun – Curator, Global Indigenous Art, Spencer Museum of Art
  • L.Marie Avila – Undergraduate Engagement Librarian, University of Kansas
  • Emily Gullickson – Engagement Consultant
  • Joshua Falleaf – Faculty, Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Joshua Miner – Assistant Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies, University of Kansas
  • Raven Naramore – Indigenous Chef/Consultant, Raven’s Table Catering
  • Aidan Graybill – KU Graduate Student (FNSA/GUI); Andrew W. Mellon Foundation/Loo Family Intern, Global & Indigenous Art, Spencer Museum of Art
  • Matt Gillispie – Clinical Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Carol Cadue-Blackwood – Therapist, Kansas City Indian Center; USD 497 School Board Member
  • Brittany Hall – Grant Coordinator, KU Life Span Institute; Adjunct Professor, Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Carrie Cornelius – Librarian, Haskell Indian Nations University
  • Laura Kingston – Communications Specialist, Center for Educational Opportunity Programs

If you are interested in joining our committee please email us at kupowwowfestival@gmail.com.