FNSA Powwow & Indigenous Cultures Festival


Ruben Little Head Sr.

Hello, my name is Ruben Little Head Sr. I am a father of four beautiful children: Xavier (“Rabbit”), Ruben Jr.(“J-Bug”), Haven (“The Princess”) and Jasper (“Stinker”).

I grew up on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in southeastern Montana, by way of Tongue River and Lame Deer. I have powwowed all my life through camping, singing and dancing. A favorite memory, or memories, of mine would be camping at our annual powwow 4th of July celebration in Lame Deer. It was a time when all the families would get together and camp for four days and nights … cooking, games, sleeping in tents or tipis, staying up late with cousins and friends, naming ceremonies, and feasts! (Or did I already mention the food?) Ha! Ha!

I started emceeing at an early age, mimicking my grandpa Kenneth Beartusk, and listening to them old Cheyenne speakers at the powwows. Eventually as I got older, I started picking up the mic at basketball games and small, 1-day powwows in Lawrence, Kansas. When my grandmother Bertha Beartusk Freeman heard of it, she summoned me home to go through ceremony to be given right to speak for the people and over crowds. This ceremony was done by Cheyenne elders and ceremony leaders. 

Some of the characteristics of an emcee are to be knowledgeable of the circle, the powwow itself, the dances, songs and tribal nations. An emcee must know protocols, gauge his audience and utilize the appropriate words to convey the message(s), and also inform the people, keep the powwow running smooth, with help from other headstaff … and most importantly, provide some good Native humor while doing all those tasks at the same time! 

Pre-COVID and years before this crazy 2020 year, I am involved in powwows throughout the United States and Canada serving as master of ceremonies. Additionally, I am an independent tribal consultant, providing services as a motivational speaker, youth mentor, life coach and leadership trainer. I conduct workshops within tribal communities covering areas of identity, self-awareness, self-esteem and culture connectedness. Lastly, I am a basketball coach. I coach and teach my own kids, and most recently accepted the head men’s basketball coach position at Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma!